Bid on municipal tenders

TolkePlan meets municipal tender requirements

TolkePlan fully meets the municipal tender requirements, that we know the Danish and Norwegian municipalities and public companies demand in regard to online booking systems. Learn more about those requirements on this page.

Municipal tender requirements

Here we review the most important requirements and demands that you must meet when you want to bid on municipal tenders og framework agreements.

Online booking system

A user friendly, online booking system is demanded to make it possible for the booker (interpretation agency, private citizen or municipality) to register relevant information, when the claimant wants to order interpretation services.

Adding and removing fields

In the online booking system, it should be possible for the assignment provider to add and remove information fields. 

Mandatory fields

In the online booking system it should be possible for the assignment provider to choose which fields should be mandatory.

Editing and interpreting requests

The booking system must be able to decypher the booker's request and it should be possible to edit requests.

Cancellation of assignments

It must be possible to cancel assignments from no matter who made the order.

Booking confirmation

The online booking system must be able to send out booking confirmations to customers.

Access for all bookers

All bookers should be able to access login to the customer portal and view all current assignments and informations.

Rules about booking

TolkePlan meets the requirements on how the customers should be able to make their orders. 

Online booking

Making and receiving orders must as a rule go through the online booking system. A demand for the booking system is that it has to run smoothly no later than 6 weeks after the system has been implemented with the customer.

Accesible 24/7

A customer can submit their orders through the online booking system. However, booking by telephone or e-mail also occurs. In this situation you have to be able to meet the customers demands around the clock.

The online booking system must provide a order confirmation with the following details:

  • Order number
  • Date and time of the ordering
  • Date and time for the assignment
  • Duration of the assignment
  • Type of interpretation service (on-site interpretation, telephone- or video interpretation)
  • Language/ dialect
  • Address for the assignment if relevant
  • Name and contact information for the interpreter
  • Contect information for the customer, including phone number and e-mail address
  • Company registration number
  • Comments
  • Bookings must be confirmed in writing within required response time

Additionally the booking system has to meet the following requirements:

  • It has to be possible to pick a named interpreter
  • It has to be possible to leave a message for the interpreter
  • When a named interpreter is chosen, the time and date for the service in unison
  • The supplier must always be able to access information about ordering interpreters

Getting started is easy

TolkePlan fully complies with all the known rules on framework agreements concerning interpretation services, and makes getting ready to bid easy.

Get in touch with us to hear more about how easy it is to start benefitting from all the advantages of TolkePlan.