Features in TolkePlan

What makes TolkePlan so popular amongst interpreting businesses?

Save 70 % on administration

Our customers save 70% on administration, because TolkePlan simplifies things:

  • Do salary for all your interpreters with a few clicks
  • Avoid expensive errors with smart billing and pay rules
  • Easy accounting and billing with integration to E-conomic
  • Find the right interpreter for the assignment with the point system
  • Employees get notifications for their assignments
  • You get an overview of all tasks in one clear overview

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Spar på administrationen i dit tolkebureau


TolkePlan er integreret med E-conomic


Billing with a few clicks

TolkePlan comes with a standard integration to E-conomic. Amongst other things you can:

  • Invoice a finished assignment with a few clicks
  • Synchronize your customers with E-conomic

TolkePlan is officially approved by E-conomic. Invoicing has never been easier - thanks to the integration to E-conomic.

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Assisted choice of interpreters

TolkePlan appoints the best interpreter for the assignment based:

  • Competence
  • History with the customer
  • Distance to the assignment
  • Availability

And several other factors. TolkePlan contains a smart point system that makes it simple to choose the right interpreter for any assignment.

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Få hjælp til at finde den rigtige tolk til opgaven


TolkePlan er integreret med DanLøn


Salary without headache

TolkePlan has a smart integration to the DanLøn payroll system, which includes smart built-in features:

  • Do salary for all employees at once with few clicks
  • Keep track of travel expenses for your interpreters
  • Create pay rules for each interpreter
  • Create pay rules for each type of assignment
  • Create pay rules for each customer
  • Create general rules for payments

With TolkePlan you can create almost all the different rules you may want to make sure all your interpreters get paid right.

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Online booking

Your customers can create their own login for the system.

  • Manageable client portal with history and statistics
  • Easy ordering of assignments
  • Possibility for repeating tasks
  • Like or dislike interpreters
  • Send questionnaires for your customers

You get more assignments, when it is easy for your customers to order online themselves.

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Online kundeportal til dine kunder i TolkePlan
TolkePlan app til iOS og Android


App for your interpreters

With TolkePlan your interpreters get an app that contains everything they need:

  • Calendar with their assignments
  • Paychecks
  • Requisitions

With the TolkePlan app it gets even easier for your interpreters to work efficiently on the go.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone.

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Easy videointerpretation

Get happier customers with high quality video interpretation with an easy setup.

  • Video interpretation directly through TolkePlan
  • No hassle making technics work
  • Fast and easy for your customers to connect
  • Steady and professionel video interpretation

Video translation has never been easier.

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Videotolkning med TolkePlan


Det er nemt at blive udbudsklar med TolkePlan


Framework agreements

Bid on municipal tendering and framework agreements

  • TolkePlan attempts to meet all known tendering requirements
  • In 2017 TolkePlan met all relevant tendering requirements
  • User-friendly online booking system is a requirement
  • Complies with requirements for the contents of invoices and requisitions

Give your business a boost - get a framework agreement with your municipality.

Learn more about tender requirements

E-mails are never lost

"Where did we get that message?" You do not have to look any further.

  • Gather all written communication in TolkePlan
  • TolkePlan connects e-mails to the customer
  • Convert an e-mail to an assignment with one click
  • Attach e-mails to assignments in the system

With TolkePlan's internal mail system, you can read, write, receive and reply to e-mails directly through TolkePlan.

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Send mails internt i TolkePlan


Du får det fulde overblik over din forretning i TolkePlan
Get a fulloverview

The calendar gives you an easy and quick overview

  • All assignments are in the calendar
  • Keep track of holiday periods and days off
  • Avoid stupid double bookings
  • Interpreters have their own calendars

No more calendar chaos or expensive double bookings!

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Branding of your company

Sick of looking at our logo? Have yours on display instead.

  • Strengthen your companys brand
  • Have a white label version of TolkePlan
  • Even get the system on your own domain

With the white label version of TolkePlan, you display your own company brand to customers and employees instead of ours.

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Skift sprog i TolkePlan


Change system language

Get TolkePlan in the language you understand best. In TolkePlan everyone can choose the lanluage they want for the interface.

  • Languages can be chosen from user to user
  • Your interpreters and customers can also choose their own language for the system

Change the language in the app so it gets even easier for you to use.

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Questions? Contact us

Do you have any doubts about whether or not TolkePlan will benefit your interpreting business? Are you missing an important feature on this list?

Whatever questions about the system you may have - or maybe you are in need of suggestions for a good tv show - please do not hesitate to contact us.